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  • BMW 330e TurboCord Charger - 61442448670
    TurboCord Charger

    Part No.: 61442448670

    • Charge your BMW plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) quicker with the BMW TurboCord Charger. This dual-voltage charger is able to charge at both 120V and 240V thanks to a detachable faceplate. With the TurboCord you are able perform level 1 charging via your standard 120V outlet and level 2 charging (3.6kW) via a NEMA 6-20 240V outlet. Charge your vehicle up to 3 times faster with the TurboCord than a standard level 1 charger.
    • Please click here for more information related to EV Charging Times for related BMW Models.

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    BMW 330e 2016-2018
    • 2018 BMW 330e | Sedan(F30)
    • 2017 BMW 330e | Sedan(F30)
    • 2016 BMW 330e | Sedan(F30)
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    Your Price: $408.00
    Retail Price: $500.00
    You Save: $92.00
  • BMW 330e Wireless Charging Station - 84102461531
    Wireless Charging Station

    Part No.: 84102461531

    • The holder features attractive BMW design and provides a secure, sturdy storage point for your mobile phone. The station enables you to wirelessly charge Qi-compatible mobile phones of almost all conventional sizes. An adjustable coil ensures maximum inductive charging efficiency. An integral power bank means that wireless charging is also possible outside the car. The additional USB type C input and output means that the mobile phone can be charged without wireless charging and the power bank can be charged outside the car. Consists of two components: the socket (holder, installed in the cup holder) and the charger (with integral power bank). The socket and charger can be interconnected for use as a charging station in the car. The charger with integral power bank can simply be taken out of the socket for use as a mobile power bank and inductive charging point. The correct coil position for the mobile phone can be set on the side to ensure an efficient charging process.
    • All products are designed to complement the style and features of the vehicle. Dynamic and exclusive, these products allow our customers to individualize their vehicles to their style and needs.
    • All BMW Original Accessories are tested for safety, quality and in the most demanding conditions. This is the reason why BMW can stand behind its products and offer such a comprehensive warranty.
    • Qi-certified, 5W Charging Power, Up to 1A Charging Current, and 4250 mAh Battery (Integral Power Bank).

    This Part Fits

    BMW 330e 2018
    • 2018 BMW 330e | Sedan(F30)
    Your Price: $175.45
    Retail Price: $194.00
    You Save: $18.55
  • BMW 330e Drive Analyser (Android) - 61432365116
    Drive Analyser (Android)

    Part No.: 61432365116

    • Derived from the world of motorsports, the BMW M Performance Drive Analyzer, (an On-Board-Diagnostic (OBD) stick which is plugged into the vehicle, provides key driving dynamics data. It also offers extensive and professional recording and analysis options that can be evaluated and displayed via your smartphone. Shown with smartphone mounted with the BMW Click & Drive System (sold separately).
    • The M Drive Analyzer is suitable for all BMW models built after 2011.

    This Part Fits

    BMW 330e 2017-2018
    • 2018 BMW 330e | Sedan(F30)
    • 2017 BMW 330e | Sedan(F30)
  • BMW 330e Dual USB Charger - 65412458285
    Dual USB Charger

    Part No.: 65412458285

    • The BMW Dual USB Charger allows up to two mobile devices to be charged simultaneously, quickly and conveniently. Simply insert the BMW USB charger into your vehicles power outlet and charge your device. This device converts your vehicle’s conventional 12V power outlet to a fixed 5V high-current USB charging port. The high-loading current of 2100 mA allows charging for smart phones, MP3 players, all apple iPods, iPhones, iPads and most other portable devices.

    This Part Fits

    BMW 330e 2018
    • 2018 BMW 330e | Sedan(F30)