Genuine BMW 535d Fuel Filter

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1 Geniune BMW 535d Fuel Filter found

  • BMW 535d Fuel Filter - 13327811227
    2014-2016 BMW 535d Fuel Filter
    Part Number: 13327811227
    Your Price: $44.90
    Retail Price: $71.37
    You Save: $26.47
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    Fits the following BMW Models

    • 2014-2016 BMW 535d Sedan(F10)
    • It is important to replace your fuel filter regularly. The fuel filter is responsible for removing small particles or debris from the fuel being sent to the engine. Depending on fuel quality in your locale you may need to replace more often. An old fuel filter can cause cold start issues, poor performance, stalling, and surging.It is important to keep all dirt and foreign matter out of your fuel system to ensure its optimum performance. A clogged fuel filter can reduce engine performance as well as increase the load on the fuel pump which can potentially burn out its motor. It can be difficult to know when the fuel filter needs to be changed, so we suggest changing your fuel filter at your car manufacturer's suggested intervals, which is often during a tune up.
    • Please provide your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to your selected BMW dealer to ensure product accuracy.
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