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About BMW 323i

The BMW 323i negotiates this famous curve with ease, keeping all wheels on the ground without slipping, squeaking, or vibrating the steering wheel. And there are no jolts or rumbles on the way up. The doors close with a pleasant and satisfying 'squeak,' which is a testament to good engineering and craftsmanship. Despite the heavier weight, handling is similar to that of the sedan, although the rear seat is not spacious. Almost the same as a fastback or liftback was called in the 1970s. BMW always built the BMW 323i with the driver in mind, and its ergonomics and handling were always good.
The 2.5L cars have similar features, such as remote locking, electric windows, and mirrors. They have air conditioning, cruise control, six airbags, dynamic stability control+, ABS, and larger 17-inch wheels. They also have a six-CD audio system and electrically adjustable front seats. The BMW 323i only has a CD system. The difference between the two cars is, of course, big under the bonnet. The 325i has 30kW and 20Nm more than the BMW 323i. According to BMW, this gives it an acceleration advantage of 1.1 seconds from 0-100 km/h, and the car completes that distance in 7.7 seconds. According to the official test results, the BMW 323i consumes slightly less fuel with less power.

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However, these figures do not tell the whole story, as the on-road handling and agility of the two engines differ significantly. While the BMW 323i is not lacking in power, peak torque is not as evenly spread as in the other models, with the trimmed BMW 323i having more peak torque and less peak power. On the road, this means the BMW 323i can be a bit sluggish, especially when the automatic transmission is engaged in standard drive mode. Putting the gearbox in Sport mode improves throttle response and sensitivity, but it's still stiff and not very quick.
BMW did its best to minimize this challenge but has now given up. As in the German models, more buttons have been added to the steering wheel. The center console now has more buttons than the competition. It's a bit confusing and unintuitive at first, but it's a big step forward. The split-screen option also makes it easier to navigate complex menus. It also has plenty of space in the back seat, a big flat boot, lots of safety features, and driver assistance systems. Despite this, there are still extras such as navigation, DVD, 80GB hard drive, TV and styling kit, and M Sport suspension. These items add considerably to the final price.