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About BMW 325ix

If you grew up in the 1980s, you probably knew that the BMW 325ix was the car of future giants who wanted to make their mark on the world. Nowadays, most good BMW 325ix is bought and turned into race cars by enthusiasts - people who know where all the screwdrivers are. That's why every usable part has been removed, from the back seat to the small piece of vinyl around the handbrake. Sometimes even unnecessary interior details are removed, such as the odometer. It measures distance in the same way it measures headlight rain on the BMW 325ix.
The BMW 325ix has the same deep front spoiler and small rear spoiler. And its appearance is almost indistinguishable. It has body-colored tire extensions, reinforced wheel arches, and 205/55VR-15 tires with 7-inch rims. The BMW 325ix is also 0.8 inches taller than other models. Inside, the differences between the BMW 325ix and other models are even more subtle. The comfortable seats are unchanged. The M-Technic steering wheel and the clear, well-positioned instrument cluster are unchanged. The elegant interior and eight-speaker stereo system are identical. The only noticeable difference in the BMW 325ix is a slight bump in the driver's gearstick lever. It makes room for the gearstick lever and is the only sign in the cabin that there is new equipment beneath it.

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Under the hood of the BMW 325ix is the same 168 hp 2.5-liter six-cylinder engine from the i-Series and 3-Series, mated to a Getrag 260 five-speed gearbox. In addition, the BMW 325ix is equipped with an all-new gearbox. The engine transmits its power through the gearbox to a center differential that distributes torque between the conventional rear-wheel drive shafts and the roller chain that transmits power to the other drive shaft. This second drive shaft runs parallel to the gearbox and reaches the front differential, which is bolted to the left of the oil pan. The front differential directly drives the left half of the left axle, while the right half of the right axle is driven by a Cardan shaft that passes through the oil pan. The half shafts are of equal length to reduce steering torque.
The BMW 325ix sold in the United States was available in only one body style. It has a longer and wider wheelbase, a modified front suspension, and typical wheels and wings. According to Hagerty, the 168-horsepower six-cylinder M20 engine is virtually identical to the other models. The BMW 325ix has a slightly different oil pan and engine block. All these changes make the BMW 325ix unique among the E30 models. The viscous differential with limited slip in the middle of the car is quite clever, even for a Quattro system. This makes the BMW 325ixi behave almost like a front-wheel-drive car. It makes it fun and easy to drive.