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The BMW 325xi, a distinguished model in the long-standing 3 Series lineage, merges luxury, innovation, and robust performance. The 3 Series, initiated as a two-door saloon, has seen seven generations of development since its successorship to the 02 Series, diversifying into a range of body styles. The 325xi proudly bears a legacy of innovations such as the first model to offer a 6-speed manual transmission, a 5-speed automatic, a 4-cylinder diesel engine, and a pioneering multi-link rear suspension. The 325xi stands out with its all-wheel-drive feature and a potent 215 hp 3.0L six-cylinder engine. Six transmissions, manual or automatic, lend flexibility and control to the driver. The engine showcases excellent refinement up to 7,000 rpm. Despite being the heaviest model in the series, the 325xi Sport Wagon achieves 60 km/h in seven seconds, proving its agility. Its interior exudes luxury, characterized by black detailing contrasted with brown seats and panels, with an emphasis on high-quality details. Its xDrive system contributes to its stability, able to transfer all torque to the front wheels when required, providing dynamic handling despite adding approximately 250 kg to the car's weight. The BMW 325xi is a testament to BMW's consistent advancement, delivering an exceptional blend of luxury and performance.

The BMW 325xi is known for having three major common problems. First, oil leaks are commonly reported from the engine area around the 60000 miles mark. This is strongly associated with valve cover gasket leaks and they can be detected by oil drips under the vehicle or smoky smell of burning oil from the engine bay. The leaks have been an ongoing problem across different years of models, often requiring multiple fixes. Second, the car is susceptible to front outer CV boots splitting, which usually happens at around sixty thousand miles. The boots' splitting leads to grease loss necessitating half shaft replacement if not done in time. This issue spans multiple years of the model, and it results in a lot of damage to the CV joints when people ignore it. Lastly, coolant leaks may occur in the water pump of BMW 325xi which is a severe problem as low coolant light comes on and there are possibilities for engine overheating. Because it can cause serious damage if not addressed on time by replacing leaking pump considering how dangerous engine may crash due to overheating, all other parts of cooling system should be inspected thoroughly enough. Regular maintenance and timely repairs are important for the lifespan of BMW 325xi as illustrated by these three issues.

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