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About BMW 328i xDrive

Some four years before the production car was developed, BMW engineer Max Reisböck wanted to take his daughter on holiday in a three-wheeler. His personal need for an off-road vehicle for the family prompted him to embark on the project. Six months later, he presented a project in which the C-pillar was moved slightly or far back, and a new D-pillar was created. The new pillar had a hinged lid that opened from above and reached up to the roof. New windows were added on the sides and at the back. Reisböck cast all the new parts himself. The result is a unique and individual BMW 328i xDrive. His friends rejoiced, and the authorities at his workplace were informed and notified. The BMW 328i xDrive quickly became the fourth body option in BMW's most popular model range.
Ten years ago, the idea of BMW equipping the engines of its racing cars with turbochargers was heretical. Today, all BMWs except electric cars are equipped with a turbocharger. Powerful engines such as the four-cylinder BMW 328i xDrive N20 prove that these engines can deliver the performance you expect. Even in the N20 version with eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, 240 hp and 258 Nm of torque can be achieved. This is thanks to the quick and intuitive shifting features and the total torque available from 1,250 rpm. The BMW 328i xDrive is always ready, whether on the track or in the city.

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All-weather towing has advantages in some cases, but the trade-offs between cost, weight and performance are the same. On dry roads, the system is barely noticeable, except that it makes the RWD a little less danceable in high-speed corners. The fuel consumption we observed was 20mpg, 1mpg less than the RWD version. The BMW 328i xDrive has long been criticised for its lack of steering feel in the mid-range, and this model is no exception. But at least it's smooth and stable at high speeds - another old BMW virtue. It drives with the same mature refinement as BMW's big luxury cars. The BMW 328i xDrive seems to appeal to buyers.