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The BMW 340i serves as a high-performance epitome of the sixth-generation BMW 3 Series, also known as the F30 series. Manufactured from October 2011 to 2019, this series was designed by an ensemble of talents like Christopher Weil and Michael de Bono, and assembled in multiple global locations from Germany to South Africa. Available in various body styles - including a four-door sedan, a five-door wagon termed 'Touring', and a unique 'Gran Turismo' fastback - the 340i particularly stands out for its robust 3.0 L B58 I6 turbocharged engine paired with either a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission. Not to be overlooked are the model's advancements in safety features, its evolutionary interior luxuries, and the strategic marketing and sales strategies that made it a compact executive car of choice across various markets. The 340i encapsulates BMW's push toward turbocharged efficiency, featuring a blend of power, luxury, and safety, while preparing the stage for its successor, the G20 series.

The BMW 340i, particularly the 2016 model, presents several notable issues. A common problem is cooling fluid loss, usually resulting from a damaged cap on the expansion tank or external harm to the radiator. Another issue is oil filter, which necessitates regular replacement; failure to do so can result in the filter breaking within its housing. Also, some pistons have been found to be damaged in both stock and modified 340is leading to software updates for engine detuning under specific circumstances. This becomes even more of a problem given the high level performance expected from such a model. These issues become worse because of the relative newness of B58 engine and impact of spending patterns due to economic climate where fewer modifications and upgrades are made compared to previous versions like N54 and N55. The problems of BMW 340i become even more pronounced with discussions of planned modifications such as hybrid turbos and custom tuning for increased performance.

OEM components are subjected to rigorous quality control assessments, ensuring their superior quality and resilience. At, we offer an extensive inventory of genuine BMW 340i parts, like Gearshift / Clutch/ Transmission at the most competitive prices in the market. All our OEM BMW 340i parts are backed by the manufacturer's warranty and will be shipped promptly to your doorstep. Rest assured, our hassle-free return policy is designed to support you throughout your shopping experience!