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About BMW 528e

The BMW 528e is an executive car that serves as the second generation of the 5 Series manufactured by BMW from 1982 to 1987 or 1985 to 1988 in the US. It is equipped with a 2.7 L M20 straight-6 engine, producing 88-95kW at 4250 rpm and 230-240 lb-ft of torque at 3250 rpm. As for the fuel efficiency, it is tested that the vehicle performs more fuel-efficient than its predecessor. With the BMW 528e parts, the model has the capability to accelerate from 0 to 60mph in 10.7 seconds and could reach the highest speed of 190 km/h. The model, as well as the BMW 528e parts, are more economic than other counterpart models.
When it comes to transmission, the BMW 528e is equipped with a 3 or 4-speed automatic or a 4 or 5-speed manual. As a relatively old model, the BMW 528e, together with the BMW 528e parts, has a performance of precise handling and the technologies are advanced at that period of time. As a genuine top auto brand of the domain, the BMW also delivers high-quality BMW 528e parts by shipping or by other methods. Our parts are from the OEM industries or the BMW itself and are all sold with a warranty.

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According to statistics, the BMW 528e has a 2625mm wheelbase, with a length of 4620mm, a width of 1700mm, and a height of 1415mm. For other BMW 528e parts, it features disc front brakes and drums rear brakes, and the front suspension is supported by MacPherson Strut. It is a four-door, five-seat car, with a cargo space of 460L. The size of the front track is 1430mm and the rear is 1470mm. The whole series ended in 1988, succeeded by the next generation of the 5 Series.
The BMW 528e is an important but old model of the whole 5 Series and has lasted for several years, but we still supply those BMW 528e parts. We often gain those BMW 528e parts by shipping from the company, and the BMW 528e parts are all produced by the BMW industry or their authorized OEM. If you need to replace your overwhelmed parts, you can always come and visit our website. We can assure you that the BMW 528e parts are in good condition and can extend your vehicle's life although the body may seem old. By entering the name of the model, you can easily find the proper goods you want.