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The BMW 528i is one of the models under the 5 Series and was released in the latter part of the 1990s. It had a 2.8L inline six-cylinder engine, which could produce 190 horsepower and provide impressive midrange torque. It came standard with a five-speed manual transmission and a complicated four-speed automatic one was optional. This model was perfect for a family of four, but could also offer five seats if needed with comfortable seats that the driver could adjust at their will. The control buttons inside were easy to understand and could be reached within the driver's arm. BMW always gives top priority to the safety of drivers and riders. In terms of high-quality safety parts, there were four-wheel antilock disc brakes, traction control, nine-mph bumpers, dual airbags, side-impact airbags, optional rear passenger side-impact airbags, two-step unlocking, coded drive-away protection, and a vehicle security system. The 528i also saw some upgrades. For example, it received the car and key memory as standard equipment. Dynamic Stability Control system was available for buyers to choose from and the exterior looked even more modern and stylish, compared with the previous generations. This vehicle is an excellent example of luxury, safety, and power all blended into one.

The BMW 528i has been noted for experiencing three prominent issues by its owners. First, the model especially those from the year 2013 often face timing chain failures. This defect might lead to total engine failure hence costly repairs or even a whole new engine replacement. The main cause of this problem is that the plastic timing chains are wearing away resulting in severe damage to the engine. Second, there have been multiple malfunctions in the engine and cooling system. This include engines break down due to worn out timing chains or oil pumps, stalling for camshaft over-retardation and lots of smoke emissions from the engine bay. These incidents show that the BMW 528i has unreliable engine performance along with cooling system inadequacies. Lastly, electrical system failure is another problem associated with this model of vehicle which could be highly dangerous for users. Owners have complained about their control circuits not working correctly such as issues with their steering wheels and doors being locked while smelling burning odors and having smoke coming out of the vehicle. These electric system dysfunctions do not only impair functionality but also raise serious safety concerns. Thus, these problems highlight some areas of concern in regards to BMW 528i thus indicating a weak point in terms of engine reliability, efficiency of cooling systems as well as integrity of its electrical systems.

Original equipment manufacturer parts excel in quality. Made from the finest materials to guarantee their durability, they are the top choice for maintaining your vehicle's peak performance. Furthermore, they are designed to adhere to official BMW factory specifications, ensuring effortless installation and a perfect fit. At, we offer top-notch, affordable OEM BMW 528i parts, like Gearshift / Clutch/ Transmission. Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality without compromising affordability. We stock complete inventory of genuine BMW 528i parts, all of which are guaranteed by the manufacturer's warranty. Plus, we prioritize your shopping experience with our swift delivery service and uncomplicated return policy.