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The BMW 633CSi is classified as a grand tourer car and was available with an M30/M69 6-cylinder inline SOHC 12v petrol engine which was able to produce the power of 145kW (197hp) at 5,500 rpm and 285 Nm of torque at 4300 rpm. It had a maximum speed of 187km/h with lower output and, could accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 10.0 seconds and the fuel economy was 15.7 mpg combined with a total range of 241 miles. As for the dimension and the chassis, the BMW 633SCi parts featured a 2,630mm wheelbase, with 4,755 in length, 1,755 in width, and 1,365 in height. It also featured a 1,422mm front track and a 1,487 rear track. The gross weight of the vehicle was 1,830kg, including 1,470kg of BMW 633CSi parts and 360kg of maximum payload. For other BMW 633CSi parts and accessories, the vehicle was equipped with vented disc front brakes and disc rear brakes, as well as four 195/70R14 tires. Serving as a traditional model of the brand, the BMW 633CSi maintains a relatively long history.

The BMW 633CSi has three commonly encountered problems that owners must watch out for. First, the suspension system is always something that should be watched closely as it plays a very big role in ensuring smooth and precise driving experience. Suspension bushings of 633CSi tend to be sensitive and wear out easily. Due to the degradation of these bushings, there will be shimmies during steering and braking that are noticeable, among other handling problems which may degrade driving enjoyment. Secondly, the braking system for 633CSi specifically power braking section is another area of concern. The brake "bomb", which is important for power braking, can fail at times. Moreover, there can also be leaks in the system that may affect its performance during braking. Lastly, rust has been identified as a major problem with this vehicle particularly in its back quarters and rocker panels. This phenomenon does not only affect car's appearance but also its underlying materials thereby resulting into more serious future complications. Enthusiasts of this iconic model need to pay close attention to these particular issues.

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