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The BMW 650i was mostly based on a similar 5 Series model. It had the same engines, transmissions, and levels of equipment as the coupe and in this case, it has a 5.0L V10 with 500 hp and 384 lb-ft of torque. This lets the relatively heavy 650 go from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 190 km/h and you could choose between an SMG automatic transmission with seven speeds or a manual gearbox with six speeds. They offer many parts for this model, such as an adjustable suspension, stronger brakes, better tires, and an updated driver assistance system. Although the powertrain delivers impressive performance and is part of Gran Turismo's DNA, the 650i's most important features are not its superb acceleration and peak power. There are 13 standard colors and 11 colors customized by BMW, such as Mediterranean Blue or stunning Jatoba Brown Metallic available to choose from. The M-Sport package is optional with essentially standard parts, with the aerodynamic package, Shadowline interior and 20-inch wheels perfect for a sporty coupe. The vehicles received a Sport Edition with a reworked exhaust system and a firmer brake caliper in 2007 and are equipped with parts including adaptive headlights, voice control, active stability control, and a head-up display. Other parts include lane departure warning, night vision, keyless entry and engine start, a universal remote control, and soft door locking.

The BMW 650i is identified by three predominant issues: the undetected burning of oil leading to engine seizure, high oil consumption, and malfunctioning LED headlights. Firstly, the vehicle can burn oil without notifying the driver due to unobserved engine oil leaks, compromised piston rings, or blown head gaskets. This often results in extensive engine damage, necessitating costly repairs and ongoing challenges for the vehicle owner. The issue of elevated oil consumption is especially notable in the BMW N63 V8 engine. Even with engine upgrades and solutions provided in technical service bulletins, such as augmenting oil consumption specifications or substituting valve seals, the problem persists. Potential causes suggested include engine break-in periods, manufacturing variances, and turbo-driven engines. Monitoring via the iDrive system has offered mixed outcomes without a uniform solution. Lastly, the headlight malfunction in the BMW 650i encompasses issues from burned-out Xenon HID or halogen bulbs to defective xenon light control units resulting in blinking or flickering, cable damage, blown fuses, and suboptimal light quality due to fogging. While various solutions have been proposed, including brand compatibility checks and specific wiring tweaks, persistent problems like adaptive headlight misalignment remain. Collectively, these issues emphasize the necessity for ongoing attention, comprehensive knowledge, and meticulous care by both vehicle owners and dealerships to ensure the BMW 650i's peak performance and reliability.

Every OEM part is meticulously built to precisely match the original part's specs. They also adhere to strict official quality control standards during manufacture to guarantee exceptional quality. When you need any OEM BMW 650i parts, including Gearshift / Clutch/ Transmission, our website should be your first option. We own a huge range of BMW 650i parts at unbelievable prices. We have strict requirements on quality, so every genuine part comes with a manufacturer's warranty. Our customers' 100% satisfaction is our guidance.