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The BMW 733i was a luxury car built and sold by the German automaker BMW from 1977 to 1984. The vehicle was equipped with a 6-cylinder engine powered by gasoline and was offered a manual or automatic transmission. It was also equipped with anti-lock brakes in the early days, and airbags were added later. It was the flagship model of the brand and was equipped with the most advanced technologies and devices at that time. In May 1977, BMW introduced the first-generation 7 Series, codenamed E23, and BMW 733i was included, which was the first large luxury four-door sedan produced. It featured an advanced fuel injection system with an inline six-cylinder engine. From the 1980 onwards, it was equipped with power locks, power windows, and tinted glass, but automatic headlight cleaning and wiping were not available with this model. In 1981, a five-speed manual transmission replaced the four-speed transmission as standard equipment and in 1982, the company announced a four-speed automatic transmission and made it available as an option on the vehicle. The BMW 733i received a facelift in the 1983 model year, including the change of the front and the dashboard as well as the instrument panels. Electrically adjustable power seats were also installed for updates, as well as the new tires became optional on the 5-speed version of the BMW 733i.

The BMW 733i, a classic model from the 1980s, faced several common problems . One of the issues usually mentioned is an unstable idle, where the engine revs up and down when in park or neutral, especially after warming up. This issue is often attributed to vacuum leaks that are quite common among aged vehicles; This will require changing hoses or even other components like injector seals and intake manifold gaskets. The next concern is in relation to the onboard computer (OBC), which can activate annoying alarms or warning sounds on the dashboard. This problem might stem from a faulty temperature sensor or incorrect settings in the OBC system. The valve lash or valve clearance adjustment is another known maintenance point for these cars as it is essential for proper engine function. This sort of adjustment necessitates great accuracy as well as knowledge of how engines are laid out, especially where their intake and exhaust valves are placed. To execute this, you should be very accurate and have the right knowledge concerning the mechanics' design, especially the position of the inlet and outlet valves.

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