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The BMW 750Li was first unveiled in Red Square in Moscow with a range including a hybrid drivetrain, a turbocharged V 12 engine, and an 8-speed automatic transmission with either petrol or diesel engines. The 750Li was powered by a 4.4 L N63 twin-turbo V8 that could deliver 400 horsepower along with 450 pounds per foot of torque and was equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission. The rear-wheel-drive (Integral Active Steering) was the standard and the all-wheel-drive (xDrive) was an option. In 2012, the 750Li received a new 3.0 L N55 turbo I6 which was a long-wheelbase sedan version. It had a wheelbase 140 mm (5.5 in) longer than the SWB version and was 5212 mm (205.2 inches) in length and 1902 mm (74.9 in) in width. It had an Active Cruise Control system and can recognize passers-by at night, monitor blind spots, and stop and accelerate automatically according to various occasions. There were side cameras to assist in driving through narrow spaces and can work with front and rear cameras to make parking easier along with a high-tech lane departure warning system that was also standard. The unique styling left a deep impression on its buyers.

BMW 750Li is one of the cars within the prestigious 7 Series that is considered a luxury sedan due to its high technological advancement, great comfort and strong power. However, like any other sophisticated vehicle, it has certain problems especially in the area of powertrain system. This issue is common with many model years where cars unexpectedly shift into park while driving or have rough gear changes that can cause accidents to happen. Another notable issue is about the driveshaft particularly affecting the 2017 model whereby if there is a failure at its universal joint then it can lead to extensive damage to critical parts like oil pan and transmission casing which may in turn result in loss of control over the vehicle. Furthermore, on some occasions the car jumps from park to neutral without warning and also give transmission warnings. This unexpected occurrence results in vehicles moving uncontrollably indicating that timely maintenance as well as recalls or manufacturer advisories are important for safety and reliability purposes.

Every OEM component is subjected to rigorous quality checks, assuring its safety, resilience, and performance that aligns with your original parts. If you need any BMW 750Li parts, including Gearshift / Clutch/ Transmission, select freely from our vast inventory of genuine BMW 750Li parts. We offer all OEM parts with a manufacturer's warranty at the best prices. If orders are placed now, brand-new parts could get to your door step within a matter of days.