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The BMW 840Ci, part of the first-generation BMW 8 Series (E31), is a remarkable piece of German engineering that made its debut in 1989. In the first generation of the BMW 8 Series (1990-1999), it had different engine options, like V8 and V12 petrol engines, offering various power choices for customers. The V12 engine in the 8 Series was unique because it had a 6-speed manual transmission, which made driving more fun. There were also different types of transmissions, like 4-speed and 5-speed automatics, and 6-speed manuals for specific models. These choices allowed people to pick the one that suited their driving style. In the second generation of the BMW 8 Series (2018-Present), they focused on modern turbocharged engines and advanced transmissions. It had two main engine options: a strong 335 horsepower turbocharged inline-six engine and a high-performance 523 horsepower twin-turbocharged V8 engine. These engines were known for being powerful, efficient, and responsive, giving the car exciting speed and performance. The 8 Series also came with an 8-speed automatic transmission, which made gear changes smooth and improved the car's overall performance. These engine and transmission options made the BMW 8 Series a thrilling and refined car to drive in its latest generation. BMW 840Ci stands out as a unique offering from BMW 8 series, having emerged from a development process that started as early as 1981. Notably, the 840Ci transitioned from a 4.0-liter M60B40 V8 engine to a more fuel-efficient, high-torque 4.4-liter M62B44 V8 engine in late 1995, retaining the same power output. A V12 engine variant was also introduced subsequently. The 840Ci boasted a 5-speed automatic transmission and received a minor update in 1996. This update introduced a speed-sensitive variable-assist steering system, a redesigned audio system, and automatic-locking retractor seatbelts for improved child seat accommodation. The V12 version received further enhancements, including an updated Steptronic automatic transmission and luxurious bird's eye maple interior trim. Original factory parts are available for the 840Ci, each rigorously tested by BMW's team. Its production ceased in 1999 globally after being discontinued in the US in 1997, leaving the BMW 840Ci as a remarkable piece of automotive history.

The BMW 840ci, a part of the prestigious 8 series, is a classical grand tourer that combines luxury and performance. Known for its unique design and powerful V8 engine, the 840ci is popular among car enthusiasts. However, like any classic vehicle, it comes with its share of common issues. First, the 840ci often encounters electrical and electronic difficulties including ABS system problems especially with the ABS pump and pixel failure in the On-Board Computer. Wiper rack malfunctions and expensive fan controller (sword) failures are also not uncommon. Secondly, engine and mechanical problems are noted such as issues with cam cover gaskets resulting in oil leaks or misfires, and front caliper seizures. The cooling system as well as failing tensioners for timing chains are other possible areas to be concerned about. Lastly, structural integrity together with exterior condition may be problematical in this car which may encompass rust particularly around sunroof or door bottoms or rear suspension coil springs. These are essential factors that the owners and potential buyers should be aware of since they contribute to the complexity of maintenance and costs yet they are inherent in its age and uniqueness making it a very adored model of BMW.

In terms of quality, OEM parts are unmatched. They undergo comprehensive quality control checks and are manufactured following BMW's official factory standards. All these steps ensure the elimination of flaws and irregularities. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing they offer an extraordinary lifespan and a perfect fit. Our website is the best online store for when you need any genuine BMW 840Ci parts, including Gearshift / Clutch/ Transmission. We offer a wide range of BMW 840Ci parts at unbeatable prices. We will help provide you with a worry-free shopping experience at the most competitive prices. In addition, all OEM parts are backed by the manufacturer's warranty.