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The BMW M235i, introduced in late 2014, is a high-performance version of the 2 Series which replaced the 1 Series, showcasing an increase in both size and weight. Notably, the M235i represents a twofold milestone for BMW; it signifies the launch of the 2 Series family and introduces the M performance model to American consumers. Packing a serious punch in performance for the price, this model features special springs and dampeners for a firm yet smooth ride and comes with Electric Power Steering. Capable of accelerating to 60mph in just 4.8 seconds and reaching a top speed of 155mph, it yields an impressive fuel consumption of 22 MPG in the city. With its torque peaking at a low 1,400 rpm, overtaking traffic becomes a breeze. The M235i sports a 6-speed manual gearbox and an aggressive aesthetic. The 2016 model added more standard auto parts, offering options of a Premium package and a new Luxury package that includes leather and chrome exterior trim. The vehicle also became available as a convertible with an all-wheel drive option. Its quickness, fuel-efficient engine, and handling inspire confidence, and the high-quality interior boasts a long list of features. The M235i can come to a stop from 60mph in just 106 feet and also adds 18-inch wheels, summer performance tires, and adaptive suspension dampers. Other available options include enhanced Bluetooth and USB connectivity and a 12-speaker Harman Kardon sound system. The BMW M235i embodies an excellent fusion of performance, luxury, and practicality, making it a standout model in BMW's lineup.

The BMW M235i has presented several common concerns. One primary issue involves a "Chassis Function Restricted" warning on the iDrive system, particularly during gear shifts. This problem is suspected to be related to a malfunctioning EDC sensor associated with the adaptive option. Diagnostics often point to defective front shock sensors, emphasizing the importance of software updates. A second issue pertains to condensation in both front and rear lights. Solutions have included the removal of specific rubber bungs on light units, though concerns arise regarding corrosion from ongoing condensation, potential cracks in the light housing, and challenges with dealers regarding non-original parts. Additionally, the absence of rear fog lights has been noted, prompting some to consider DIY installations using international components. Another prevalent concern is the "low oil pressure" warning, especially following highway drives. While there are no apparent oil leaks or engine abnormalities, merely changing oil types hasn't resolved the problem. Hypotheses for this issue vary from defective oil pumps to problems with timing chains in certain engines, with some suggesting potential internal leaks or the use of subpar lightweight oil. This problem becomes particularly pronounced during track driving, indicating the M235i may have oil system vulnerabilities when compared to other vehicles in demanding conditions.

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