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Today, the 2022 3 Series sedan lineup comes in turbocharged 330i, 330e plug-in hybrid, M340i, and high-performance M3 specifications. Each has rear-wheel drive, and BMW's xDrive all-wheel-drive system is optional. The M340i, as one of the first models in the range, became available for sale in 2019. For most people, these 3 Series will meet expectations and the M340i ups the excitement a little. As for design, the cabin has its character. Despite the unexpected bent, the 2020 M340i is still very much a 3-series, as the species is commonly known. Longer than the outgoing car both overall and between the axles with wider tracks front and rear, it adeptly blends rough-road comfort with composure at the limit. With optional Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires measuring 225/40R-19 up front and 255/35R-19 in the rear, that lateral limit is 0.96 g.

The BMW M340i is a compact executive car renowned for its great features and performance, but it also comes with some common issues that owners and prospective buyers need to be aware of. Engine stalls are the most significant issues that caused by a malfunctioning coolant sensor, fuel system problems or an impaired ignition system. Secondly, electrical problems can occur in the M340i which may involve the connection between 48-volt battery and starter generator leading to increased electrical resistance at the connections. Lastly, the M340i Model is prone to coolant loss, with users reporting overheating engines and visible leaks yet what causes this coolant loss remains unclear most times. Consequently, other concerns include defective VANOS solenoids, fuel pressure sensors, valve cover gaskets while there have been instances of defective seat belt assemblies However, while these issues could necessitate attention or maintenance works. Generally speaking, M340i is considered reliable especially if well kept though owners should expect associated upkeep costs as well as probable repairs.

Choosing OEM parts guarantees top-tier quality and durability. They are carefully designed to adhere to the strict specifications of the official factory and undergo thorough quality control inspections during production, ensuring long-lasting resilience and an impeccable fit. At, we offer a vast selection of OEM BMW M340i parts, including Gearshift / Clutch/ Transmission, all competitively priced. Our comprehensive inventory includes genuine BMW M340i parts, each backed by a manufacturer's warranty. In addition to our exceptional prices, we also provide an easy return policy and speedy delivery service. We eagerly anticipate your visit!