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The BMW M6, particularly spotlighted in its 2018 model year, epitomizes a unique blend of luxury and performance, embodying the brand's M performance division ethos. Initially a high-octane iteration of BMW's 6 Series convertible, the M6 boasts an immensely powerful turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engine, capable of accelerating from zero to 60 mph in just 4.3 seconds. While the base model delivers compelling speed and power, an available Competition package enhances performance further with an additional 40 horsepower. Coupled with an upgraded suspension, stronger brakes, and a host of customizable options - including different wheel designs and driver aids - the M6 offers a highly personalized driving experience. Although it bears a considerable size and weight, the vehicle impresses with its well-insulated fabric top and intuitive, luxurious interior, complete with adjustable steering and throttle settings. Despite its limited practicality in terms of cargo space, the M6 stands as a compelling choice for those prioritizing high-speed comfort, remarkable build quality, and the kind of excessive performance that transcends mere necessity.

Two prevalent issues often affect BMW M6 models: excessive brake noise and rod bearing failure that can lead to engine seizures. The brake noise commonly manifests as squeaking or screeching sounds. Several underlying factors contribute to this annoyance. New brake pads often require an adaptation period to settle, a process that can be exacerbated by moisture due to weather conditions. Older brake pads can squeak due to natural wear and tear, exposure to moisture, and rust buildup. Heavy braking or 'riding' the brakes can shorten the lifespan of brake pads, which generally lasts between 25,000 and 65,000 miles. Although conventional remedies like chamfering and lubricating the brake pads have been tried, the noise frequently re-emerges within days. The high-performance brake system of the vehicle, which may include metallic components, appears more prone to vibration and noise. Multiple solutions such as rotor turning, switching to ceramic brake pads, and applying specialized lubricants like CRC BRAKE QUIET have been attempted, but these only mitigate the noise by about 80-90%. "Bedding" the brakes by executing hard stops from 60-70 mph to remove rotor glaze has also been tried, providing only short-term relief. Regarding rod bearing failure, the issue arises from inadequate lubrication between the engine bearings and crankshaft rod bearing journals due to exceedingly tight stock bearing clearances. Unlike the industry-standard clearance of 0.0025 inches, these engines operate at a mere 0.001 inches. This results in insufficient lubrication, causing friction and heat-induced expansion, visible as heat discoloration on the rod ends. Initially, the rod bearings were composed of copper and lead layers, but a 2010 update added tin and aluminum layers along with slightly larger clearances. Preventive replacement of rod bearings at around the 60,000-mile mark is generally advised. Special coated bearings that reduce friction have been recommended for this. However, for those aiming to maximize engine longevity, a comprehensive engine rebuild with improved clearances and thicker bearings is the most effective but costly solution. Replacement costs can hover around £2,400, while a full engine rebuild can range between £6,200 and £8,200, depending on the extent of the damage. Both issues not only present functional problems but also challenge the vehicle's reputation for comfort and reliability.

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