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The BMW Z3 is a two-seater sports car produced between 1995 and 2002 on the E36 chassis. The M models were introduced in 1998 as roadsters and coupes with six engines, depending on the country and year of production, and, in 1996, six-cylinder engines were introduced. The four-cylinder models have a single exhaust pipe, while the six-cylinder models have two wider rear wings and a redesigned front end. The M models have the same wide bumpers as the six-cylinder models but have their own front and rear bumpers and side mirrors. The North American models were equipped with the more powerful six-cylinder S52 engine, and, in 2001, the new S54 engine was introduced in both European and North American models. The BMW Z3 M was only available with a five-speed manual transmission and have a limited-slip differential and a longer rear wheelbase, with stronger brakes than the standard Z3. Special colors and more aerodynamic side mirrors are available on BMW Z3 M models, the front and rear bumpers have also been updated and it has modified Roadstar Style 40 wheels, modified side skirts, and four exhaust pipes. The interior also features a voltmeter, clock, and oil temperature gauge in the center console, and the center console and door handles are covered in leather, and the BMW Z3 M seats and interior colors are unique in different shades. Unlike the rest of the Z3 range, the BMW Z3 M Roadster and BMW Z3 M Coupé models did not undergo any cosmetic changes when they were redesigned in 2000. Initially, BMW aimed to sell 20 units of this model but due to strong customer interest, the target was later raised to 100 units.

BMW Z3 M, a high-performance variant of the popular Z3 roadster known for its agility and classic design. Despite its wide acclaim, there are some common issues the owners have encountered. The airbag light does not go off most of the time. This raises issues over the dependability and effectiveness of the airbags thus putting users at risk in case of an accident. The next common issue is that concerning the differential unit itself. Various Z3 M owners have reported issues such as rear differential housing separating from the sub-frame which may result to severe control problems or in some instances even falling off essential parts when driving. Lastly, seats are one area on which several customers had reported problems with their Z3 M cars; Both driver's and passenger's seats move forward or backward while accelerating or slowing down since defective tracks are used for sitting arrangements. These movements do not only give discomfort but also jeopardize vehicle control and people inside it. Therefore, these common issues need to be addressed so as to maintain good performance and safety.

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