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Illustration (1 of 1): Set, BMW Performance, brake, front/rear
2010 BMW 135i Convertible N54 Engine(E88) BMW Performance Brake Set
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      Important! minimum of 17" LA wheels required
      • Extra Info:
      • For Vehicles With:
        17" light alloy douple spoke 178(SZL2A)
        18" light alloy double spoke 182(SZL5A)
        18" light alloy radial spoke 216(SZLPA)
        18" LA BMW Performance double spoke 269(SZLQA)
        17" winter wheel&tyre, star spoke 256(SZP7A)
        18" LA wheel, V spoke 217(SZQFA)
        17" light alloy M double spoke 207(SZREA)
        18" light alloy star spoke 311(SZXTA)
        18'' LA wheel M Performance dbl spk 313M(SZXWA)
        BMW Light Alloy Wheel, Spider Spoke(S2CHA)
        BMW Light Alloy Wheel, V-Spoke(S2KCA)
        BMW Alloy Wheel M V-Spoke(S2KFA)
        BMW Alloy Wheel, M Double Spoke(S2MGA)
        BMW alloy wheel, M double spoke 208(S2MHA)
        BMW LA Wheel, M Double Spoke(S2MRA)
        BMW LA Wheel, Star Spoke(S2R2A)
        BMW LA Wheel, Star Spoke(S2SLA)
        BMW LA Wheel, Star Spoke(S2SMA)
        BMW LA Wheel, W-Spoke(S2WAA)
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