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The BMW 850Ci, a standout member of the renowned 8 Series, made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1989. The development of this model traces back to 1981, culminating in production in 1986. Available with either a 4-speed automatic or a 6-speed manual gearbox, the 850Ci is powered by the M70 and M73 engines. In 1994, BMW upgraded the 850Ci with a 5.4-litre V12 engine that generated 326 hp, paired with a new five-speed automatic transmission. Despite never officially releasing a convertible model, modifications by parts manufacturers have enabled those seeking a convertible experience. The Alpina tuning company notably offered versions with aesthetic and mechanical enhancements. A unique feature of the 850Ci is its distinct, low-profile form, complete with hidden, retractable headlights - a striking divergence from conventional modern car designs. The CS model boasts effects that visually lower the car and larger wheels for an aggressive stance. Although comparable to the current 6 Series coupe in dimensions, the 850Ci is slightly longer, wider, and taller, leading to somewhat restricted interior space due to the car's narrow structure. As the most common of all E31 models, the BMW 850Ci remains a celebrated addition to the BMW family.

The BMW 850Ci is known to exhibit several common issues as shared by owners and enthusiasts. Firstly, electrical problems are frequently mentioned especially in the BMW older Models including 850Ci. These electrical problems can range from minor sensor malfunctioning to more complex issues such as failures in the car's wiring systems or computer. Secondly, there has been a notable concern over the car's cooling system. Regular maintenance of radiator, hoses and thermostat helps in preventing engine overheating which result to severe damage. The third issues is the fuel system often becomes problematic especially when the car is driven occasionally or left parked for long time. Issues such as fuel pump failures and clogged fuel injectors are common under such circumstances.

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