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The BMW M4 is a high-performance sports sedan developed by BMW's motorsport division, representing one of the fastest production M Series cars from the manufacturer. Its acceleration from 0-100 km in 4 seconds evidences its extraordinary speed. The M4, an upgrade from the standard 4 Series, boasts a powerful twin-turbo engine, improved handling and suspension, enhanced aerodynamics, and is adorned with a tricolor 'M' badge. Despite these enhancements, the M4's overall weight remains significantly lower than the standard 4 Series, achieved through extensive use of carbon fiber, particularly in the roof, and a stiffer chassis tuning. Powered by a specially built S55B30 engine, the M4's performance is exceptional, offering 425 hp and 550 Newton meters of torque. The car's weight varies with transmission type, with the 6-speed automatic version weighing around 1,497 kg, while the 7-speed dual-clutch version weighs slightly more. The second-generation BMW M4, largely based on the standard 4 Series, received several upgrades including a 35 kW power increase and the adoption of the iconic twin-kidney grille. Introduced in 2020 with deliveries starting in early 2021, the latest generation also offers a convertible version, further expanding the M4's range.

The BMW M4 faces two prevalent issues: Grinding Noise From Wheels and Noises From Brakes. The grinding noise from wheels manifests in various ways, such as sporadic metallic grinding from different parts of the vehicle, which some speculate might be due to a failing differential or handbrake shoes catching. In 2016 M4 models, a metallic scraping noise from the right rear wheel was observed, especially in newer vehicles. Potential remedies include pressing guards, utilizing water jets, or removing the wheel to eliminate debris or pebbles trapped behind the disc and guard. Service bulletins highlighted wheel damage due to rocks, and a temporary solution was slamming the brakes to dislodge pebbles. Nonetheless, issues of noise caused by debris in vacuum plates persisted despite using updated plates. The second problem, Noises From Brakes, culminated in a class-action lawsuit against BMW of North America, alleging that the "M Compound" brakes in certain vehicles caused excessive brake squeal. BMW's service information bulletin 34 10 19 acknowledged the noise but designated it as typical for high-performance brakes, which could potentially mislead drivers about the brakes' condition. Complaints included various noises when braking, such as metal-to-metal rubbing, grinding, and cowbell sounds. Proposed solutions encompassed checking for lodged objects, "bedding" brakes, using brake kits, executing hard stops, and dislodging trapped pebbles. Some recommended replacing front rotors and pads under warranty, following proper break-in procedures, considering pad compound, or evaluating winter road conditions. The exact root cause remains debated, highlighting the issue's complexity.

Genuine parts are first-rate in terms of quality and functionality. Manufactured directly by BMW, they undergo rigorous testing and are made from dependable materials to ensure long-lasting durability and dependability. A vast selection of genuine BMW M4 parts, including Gearshift / Clutch/ Transmission is available on our website, all offered at discounted prices. Every OEM BMW M4 part is covered by the manufacturer's warranty, which also applies to our hassle-free return policy. Enjoy fast delivery service, ensuring you get your parts when you need them. Your shopping experience here is guaranteed to be pleasurable.