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The BMW 335i, available as a coupe and convertible in North America, stands as an impressive iteration between the standard 335i and the M3, with 4,500 units produced. Its N54 engine is more powerful than its predecessor, generating a torque increase from 8.7 to 11.6 lb-ft. Drivers can opt for a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission with Launch Control or a 6-speed manual transmission featuring an upgraded clutch. Notable enhancements include a stiffer crankcase, robust exhaust system, improved cooling system, a distinctive steering wheel, and sport seats. The 335i differentiates itself externally with larger front vents and a rear bumper featuring a diffuser. Acknowledged for its exhilarating driving experience, the 335i is part of the BMW 3 Series, which continues to be a sensation in the UK. Its 3.0-liter turbocharged direct-injection gasoline engine provides an immediate throttle response and revs freely up to 7,000 rpm, promising an exciting driving journey. Remarkable refinement is evident with suppressed tire and engine noise, leaving only faint wind noise. Its steering weight allows precise control, and it's balanced by an M Sport adaptive chassis that manages body roll effectively, even under challenging conditions. The 335i is also updated with a navigation system providing real-time traffic data, augmenting its convenience features. Overall, the BMW 335i encapsulates the brand's pursuit of comfort, agility, and technological advancements in one thrilling package.

The BMW 335i has been frequently cited for three major problems: high temperature, serpentine belt issues, and turbo rattle. Multiple owners have recounted the unnerving issue of the engine overheating, with the engine temperature needle reaching worrying heights without an overheating indication, even leading to the car entering limp mode in certain instances. Although this alarming situation sometimes arises even with a full coolant level, the dominant suspects behind this issue are consistently found to be the water pump and thermostat, with some incidents tied to sensor malfunctions or snapping aluminum valve cover bolts. To counteract this, the prevailing advice is to replace both the water pump and thermostat, ensuring the radiator or expansion tank does not have any leaks. Another widespread problem about 335i is the shredding of the serpentine belt. This malfunction can lead to a sequence of cascading issues, such as the belt wrapping around the crankshaft, getting entangled with the timing chain, or even getting sucked in by the oil pick-up, possibly causing the engine to seize. To prevent such disastrous outcomes, it's imperative to immediately inspect behind the front pulley upon detecting a shredded belt and not drive the car. Also, ensure the oil pump, crankshaft, subframe, and power steering pulley are free of belt fragments or damages, and be ready to replace a damaged front crankshaft seal.

OEM parts are engineered to comply with official BMW factory standards, guaranteeing easy installation and an impeccable fit. Our website offers an extensive selection of genuine BMW 335i parts, such as Gearshift / Clutch/ Transmission at unbeatable prices. Plus, all our OEM 335i parts are backed by the manufacturer's warranty, a hassle-free return policy, and the promise of swift delivery. So, shop with us confidently and ensure the best for your vehicle!

BMW 335i Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: How do you remove and install the intake camshaft position sensor?
    A: Remove the engine covers, air filter housing, and ducts. Detach the camshaft position sensor connector, remove the mounting bolt, and take out the sensor from the cylinder head. Catch any oil drips. Installation is the reverse of removal. Replace the mounting bolt, use new sealing O-rings, ensure the sensor harness is routed correctly, and clear any ECM fault codes.
  • Q: What Are the Features of the Crankcase and Crankshaft in an Engine?
    A: The crankcase's upper section has an AluSil insert in a magnesium alloy, with the timing cover part of the engine block. The AluSil cylinder bores lack iron liners, preventing machining, but the deck surface can be planed. The insert has threaded bores for transmission, cylinder head, and crankshaft main bearing bolts, and includes coolant passages. The lower crankcase section is a magnesium bedplate structure with sintered steel inlays for bearing support. A liquid sealant is injected into a groove between crankcase sections. The crankshaft is cast iron with 7 main bearing journals. Connecting rods are cracked for bearing cap centering, have pairing codes, and are weight categorized. Pistons are aluminum with 4 valve reliefs and oil spray jet cooling.
  • Q: How do you remove and install an ignition coil?
    A: Make sure the ignition is switched OFF. Remove the ignition coil cover. Unlock the ignition coil connector and pull the connector off the coil. Slide the rod-shaped ignition coil straight out of the spark plug hole. Be cautious to maintain cleanliness when servicing ignition coils. Fuel and oil residue can cause a breakdown in the electrical resistance of the silicone encased coil, resulting in ignition coil failure. Installation is the reverse of removal. Check for fault codes and reset ECM memory.